Antea Group is looking forward to attending and presenting at the 2022 API Pipeline, Control Room, And Cybernetics Conference from May 3-5 in Savannah, Georgia. Attending will be Jon Pesicka, and Danielle Pucherelli.


  • Crystal McNeely will be presenting "Five Best Practices for Emergency Incident Response Preparedness" on Wednesday, May 4, 11:30-12:00 EDT 
  • Danielle Pucherelli will be presenting "ESG Strategy for Pipeline Operators" on Wednesday, May 4, 9:10am EDT.

As pipelines remain at the center of much public debate and increased government scrutiny, pipeline operators continue to advance strategic safety objectives to improve inspection technology and enhance incident identification and response. As we begin to revert to in-person conferences we are delighted to offer the opportunity to experience superior technical presentations once again, view the latest displays of technology in the industry, and a chance to network with peers.

Interested in the event?