Energy transition is the fastest and most effective route to mitigating the urgent climate crisis. At the end of 2023, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) wrapped up with "an agreement that signals the beginning of the end" of the fossil fuel era by laying the ground for a swift, just, and equitable transition, underpinned by deep emissions cuts and scaled up-finance.

In his closing speech, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell noted, "Whilst we didn't turn the page on the fossil fuel era in Dubai, this outcome is the beginning of the end. Now all governments and businesses need to turn these pledges into real-economy outcomes, without delay."

Energy transition is an ambitious, complicated, and sensitive but necessary undertaking that touches on the areas of economy, technology, environment, and culture.

To help you better understand all that energy transition encompasses, we’ve assembled a list of the top best energy transition podcasts that touch on a wide range of related topics, such as sustainable energy technology, policy news, economic impact, and global sustainability efforts.

Top Energy Transition Podcasts

1. The Energy Transition Show

Host: Chris Nelder
Publisher: XE Network
Frequency: Bimonthly

Energy expert and journalist Chris Nelder interviews leading minds from around the world who specialize in fields related to energy transition. The Energy Transition Show covers all sources of energy, including fossil fuels, nuclear, solar, wind, and emerging renewable technologies. You’ll also hear about the logistics and economics behind energy transition, including the latest news on policy, research, and industry events.

Recommended episodes: Climate Capitalism, Accelerating Decarbonization in the US, and COP28 and the Outlook for Oil

2. The Clean Energy Revolution Podcast

Hosts: Dr. Carolyn Kissane and Laura Young
Publisher: National Grid
Frequency: Bimonthly

Laura Young, also known as Less Waste Laura - an award-winning climate activist, environmental scientist, and ethical influencer - and Dr. Carolyn Kissane, Associate Dean of the graduate programs in Global Affairs and Global Security, Conflict and Cybercrime at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU, and Founding Director of Energy, Climate Justice & Sustainability Lab, alongside expert guests, take a look at the challenges and opportunities associated with renewable energy, including the impact on people and communities, and how to make sure everyone benefits from the clean energy transition and what businesses can do - and are doing - to lead the way. 

Recommended episodes: Harnessing an Increased Supply of Renewable Energy, Three Big Predictions for Energy in 2024, and How is the Clean Energy Transition Creating Jobs for the Future?

3. Insider's Guide to Energy Podcast

Hosts: Chris Sass
Publisher: Insider’s Guide to Energy
Frequency: Weekly

Energy expert Chris Sass leads a team of fellow energy enthusiasts to publish a weekly podcast offering insight into what’s happening now in energy transition. Through stories shared by industry experts and peers alike, this podcast explores the challenges energy transition poses to business, highlights energy innovations and disruptive technologies, and more.

Recommended episodes: Nuclear's New Dawn: Tristam Denton on Revolutionizing Energy and Combating Climate Change, and The Sun's Untapped Power: Solar Thermal Technology with Naked Energy's Christophe Williams

4. Energy Transition Now Podcast

Host: David Linden
Publisher: Westwood Global Energy Group
Frequency: Limited Release Series

Westwood Head of Energy Transition David Linden holds a series of one-on-one conversations with industry stakeholders in the fields of energy transition and energy systems. These discussions cover a multitude of topics including what is driving the energy market, the opportunities and challenges posed by energy transition, energy supply chain, emerging technologies, and more.

Recommended episodes: Funding Hydrogen Technology, Expanding Offshore Wind to Emerging Markets, and Financing the Energy Transition

5. Redefining Energy

Hosts: Gerard Reid and Laurent Segalen
Publisher: Redefining Energy
Frequency: Bimonthly

Gerard Reid and Laurent Segalen meet twice monthly to discuss and debate current events and topics at the intersection of energy and business, such as technology, finance, regulations, and more. Through his position as Co-Founder and Partner at Alexa Capital, Reid seeks to help businesses mobilize capital toward achieving their net-zero goals. Segalen is a franco-British clean energy investment banker. He is the founder and head of London-based Megawatt-X, an energy transition meta-platform.

Recommended episodes: Grid-Enhancing Technologies, The EV Fast-Charging Revolution, and Doubling Energy Efficiency

6. Columbia Energy Exchange

Hosts: Jason Bordoff and Bill Loveless
Publisher: Columbia University’s SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy
Frequency: Weekly

Jason Bordoff is one of the world’s leading energy and climate policy experts with credentials that range from prestigious positions in academia to National Security and National Economic Council positions within the Obama White House. Bill Loveless is a leading energy journalist who holds compelling conversations with key stakeholders in government and industry. Together these hosts lead in-depth conversations with international climate leaders, addressing what’s current in the fields of energy technology and international economics, as well as exploring the geopolitical implications of climate change.

Recommended episodes: Oil and Gas in the Energy Transition: An NGO Perspective, Navigating Uncertainty in the Energy Market, and Addressing America's Energy Inequities 

7. The Interchange Recharged

Host: David Banmiller
Publisher: Wood Mackenzie
Frequency: Biweekly

Global Head of Strategic Banking at Wood Mackenzie, David Banmiller goes deep with industry experts from the energy and tech industries, centering on innovations and solutions that will accelerate the transition to clean energy. These discussions often include policy and finance and their impact on energy innovation.

Recommended episodes: US$802 Billion on the Horizon: The Current State of the EV Market, and A Groundbreaking New Method of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production

8. Energy in Transition

Hosts: Leslie BeyerDan Pickering, and Josh Lowrey
Publisher: Upright Digital
Frequency: Biweekly

Exploring the role of oil and gas in energy transition, hosts Leslie Beyer, CEO of Energy Workforce & Technology Council, and Dan Pickering, Founder of Pickering Energy Partners, alongside Josh Lowrey, President of Upright Digital, connect with key figures in the energy services sector, discussing emerging technologies and the best way to create a lower-carbon future.

Recommended episodes: Will Foiles, Project Canary, Dilanka Seimon, EnLink Midstream, and Tim Bridgewater, Sunergy

9. NTNU Energy Transition Podcast

Host: Dr. Julius Wesche
Publisher: NTNU
Frequency: Biweekly

Produced by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and hosted by energy researcher Dr. Julius Wesche, this podcast strives to be a center of knowledge for those in Europe and beyond who are interested in what it takes to mitigate climate change through carbon neutrality.

Recommended episodes: Decarbonizing Shipping and Maritime Transport, Unlocking the Potential of Floating Wind Farms, and Just Transitions - Why and How

10. Switched On

Host: Dana Perkins
Publisher: Bloomberg
Frequency: Weekly

BloombergNEF Head of EMEA Dana Perkins hosts weekly conversations about what’s driving energy transition around the globe. Joined by a different BloombergNEF analyst each week, Perkins leads discussions on topics ranging from commodity markets to new energy technologies. Guests share research and insights into the path to a more sustainable energy future.

Recommended episodes: United Taps Green Jet Fuel as Net-Zero Plan Takes Off, Mind the EV Battery Recycling Gap, and Wall Street Gets Greener but Fossil-Fuel Habit Lingers

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