With resources stretched thin and new complexities to navigate, the support of an experienced EHS consultant can be more valuable now than ever.

“Uncertain times”.

“Unprecedented times.”

You’ve heard it in every which way: COVID-19 has changed the world of work.

But judging exactly how it’s changed can be a challenge. What does the role of an EHS manager look like in this new paradigm? How do EHS consultants fit in?

One thing that’s clear is that EHS managers are becoming swamped with work. They're being asked to plan, execute, and maintain a COVID-19 response while the full implications of the pandemic remain shifting and unclear. Not only that, but many EHS managers are being elevated into a more prominent and public role in their organizations, branching over into marketing, PR, and crisis management. Given these enormous additions to an already-long list of responsibilities, it’s easy to understand how some things are falling through the cracks.

If you’re an EHS professional, you don’t have to navigate this crisis alone. EHS consultants can help lighten the load at a time where experience, bandwidth and strategy can make an immense difference. Here are some ways that consultants can fill in the gaps and strengthen your EHS program at a time when it’s most needed.

Swift adaptation to remote work

Despite the influx of pandemic-related concerns, the usual responsibilities of EHS program management are still as important as ever. With the current and potentially long-term working conditions not allowing for easy travel and on-site work, some tasks have been rendered nearly impossible to manage in the traditional way.

EHS consultants have extensive experience working to develop solutions that help to bridge the gap between old capabilities and new needs. Innovative practices such as remote drone site inspections and augmented reality facility audits are already in use -- and they look to be a mainstay for the foreseeable future.

Many EHS consultants like Antea Group offer fully-remote services and are committed to helping you manage the impact of COVID-19 in a safe, effective way. Meaning your team retains all of the value of EHS services (minus the on-site handshakes).

Forward-looking strategy

Even though we’re all mostly preoccupied with matters of the present, it’s important to keep an eye on where your EHS program is heading. While it’s not easy to predict exactly what EHS-at-large will look like on the other side of this crisis, it’s reasonable to assume that there will be an even greater focus on health and safety as well as sustainability throughout the world. A new statement signed by more than 150 companies, urging governments around the world to align post-COVID-19 recovery efforts with the latest climate science, is only one example of the increasing pressure and focus we’re likely to see.

A knowledgeable consultant can add value as a strategic partner, helping to align the hectic demands of the pandemic with your company’s longer-term goals. They can help you ensure that the steps your company takes now serve the ultimate successes of your programs, not detract from them.

Extra bandwidth for critical tasks

Sometimes you just need more hands on deck. Working with an EHS consultant can help you develop and implement your COVID-19 response without letting important initiatives slide. Along with the added bandwidth, working with an experienced consultant offers an opportunity for your team to learn, grow, and drive better results. 

EHS consultants also have the advantage of working across a wide array of industries. This broad-based knowledge and wide breadth of experience can help your team act on critical success factors that aren’t always obvious. Antea Group’s “Resourcing as a Service” offerings for flexible, ongoing on-site support to ensure you can fill out your resourcing and project needs.

We can do this together. Contact us to learn more about how we can help support your EHS&S programs during this crisis.

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