At Antea Group, we offer a Resources-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution for our clients. It is a fully scalable solution to temporary environment, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) staffing. We match clients with Antea Group employees that fit their culture and technical needs. Our employees range from junior EHS staff to credentialed professionals and subject matter experts with years of experience. We provide support on a full-time basis or for a few hours per week. We can place one person or a team of people depending on the need.

We launched this service in December of 2020 and wanted to give a little insight into the day-to-day of one of our employees that is currently in a RaaS role. Michael Zhou completed a four-month RaaS assignment at a data center in Iowa and now is in another RaaS role at a technology R&D company in Seattle. He explains his RaaS roles, what he enjoys most about the opportunities, and even gives his opinion on why he thinks this program is gaining in popularity and is good for companies.

Meet Michael Zhou

Michael Zhou, Project Professional at Antea Group USA

RaaS Titles and Assignments: EHS Manager at a Data Center and Health and Safety Specialist at a technology R&D company / laboratory


Michael Zhou

What is your role and what does your day-to-day work look like?

At my first RaaS assignment, I managed day-to-day EHS manager tasks including compliance evaluations and high-risk activity monitoring including electrical, Lockout/Tagout (LOTO), working from heights, and confined space. I was also able to participate in larger initiatives including a safety performance improvement plan, safety culture development, and creation and monitoring of leading environment, health and safety (EHS) metrics.

My most recent RaaS assignment just started but the day-to-day is very flexible. At this technology R&D company, health and safety specialists are assigned to different lab buildings across two different campuses. Common activities involve risk assessments, industrial hygiene screenings, incident investigation, and frequent inspections for regulatory and safety topics.

How long is your assignment?

My first assignment was four months, and my current assignment is for one year.

What do you enjoy most about having the RaaS opportunity at Antea Group?

For both assignments, the most enjoyable part of the RaaS opportunity is being able to take on longer-term projects and being able to meet the people that my work is affecting. Prior to accepting a RaaS role, I would work with clients only through a single point of contact. Often after handing off a written program or guidance, I wouldn’t be able to see the actual results and determine how effective it was. Now I can see it in person and in real time.

Why do you think an outsourced EHS solution is a good option for companies? Why should they consider an Antea Group RaaS employee?

RaaS employees are often a good option for companies because the client is not only getting a qualified EHS&S employee, but also all the resources and network Antea Group has to offer. During my assignment, I would also be asked if I had any examples of what something should look like, for example a written program or a checklist. I am always able to provide an example or if I didn’t have one, reach out to someone within the firm to get one.

Anything else you want to share about your experience?

For me, my RaaS experiences have been some of the best building blocks to start my young career. Although I was gaining a lot of technical skills working on more traditional assignments and projects, the RaaS experiences have helped me polish additional consultant skills including client communication, project management, and cross-functional team leadership.

Client Feedback:

“It really is a pleasure to work with Michael. He listened to our needs, understood our instruction within the context of our larger strategy, and ran with it. His dedication to the project was evident in the results. Really, really pleased. Thanks again for your support.”

“I can’t tell you how impressed we continue to be with the work Michael has done. What a talent. Our expectations were high, and he blew them out of the water - met and exceeded at every step. Michael’s technical skills go without saying and I couldn’t be more impressed. What stands out even beyond that is his communication and program management. He truly instills confidence in me as a client and he owns the process. Ownership and investment are too often difficult to find in our industry but for him, there isn’t a question. I don’t have to wonder how things are going or track him down for status updates, because not only is he proactive in his communication, but he anticipates the needs of the client and is three steps ahead of what we may not even know we want or need. That is beyond reassuring to have that level of confidence in a vendor partner and Michael has earned that. His organization, delivery, and ability to crank out high quality work ahead of schedule makes him not only an asset to your company, but he goes to great lengths to represent you well and that loyalty is evident in his work ethic and the product he puts out. Thank you again for the partnership and support and I look forward to staying connected with you and your team for future opportunities.”

Considering a Temporary Staffing Solution?

Because we are EHS&S consultants, we specialize in understanding your resourcing needs and making sure that our proposed RaaS resources are fit-for-your-purpose. We can deliver the RaaS service locally or globally through our Inogen Alliance partnership. Basically, we can be there when and where you need us. Currently in the U.S., we have more than 30 staff participating in RaaS assignments with 14 different clients in 18 different locations. Globally, we are supporting more than ten clients with RaaS employees in more than 40 countries. 

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Careers with Antea Group

Not only are RaaS roles a solution for client’s staffing needs, but they are also beneficial for Antea Group employees looking to further their skills and experiences. If you are looking into a career in EHS&S and want to gain experience working for Antea Group and have the opportunity to fill RaaS positions with a variety of clients, check out our careers page.

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