Antea Group recently had the pleasure of joining our Inogen Alliance Associates in Tokyo, Japan for the 2023 Spring Meeting.  

Antea Group recently had the pleasure of joining our Inogen Alliance Associates in Tokyo, Japan for the 2023 Spring Meeting.  

“Like all the meetings, this one was somewhere between an innovative Environment, Health Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) conference, and a big family reunion,” shared Angie Dickson, Vice president, Antea Group and President of Inogen Alliance. “As a diverse group of independent businesses, each Associate brings their own ideas, processes, innovations, and tools to the Alliance, and each meeting helps us strengthen our collaborative approach to solving EHS&S challenges for our clients in ways that no one Associate could do alone. The diversity of thought sets the Alliance apart and accelerates our strategies with a consistent global approach but with local cultural nuances, giving our clients the best of both worlds.” 

During this Spring Meeting, the global Working Groups were able to convene. The ten global working groups focus on either a service area or industry across Water Services, Energy Transition, Environmental Remediation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Digital Solutions, Health & Safety, Sustainability, Retail, Technology, and Marketing. These working groups meet regularly, bringing together hundreds of EHS, Sustainability, and ESG experts to collaborate on challenges, share new innovations or solutions, monitor and understand market trends, and create a peer-to-peer global network in service of our multinational clients. 

Antea Group Consultants lead several global working groups including:  

  • Health & Safety led by Kylle Barrieau, AOEE, EHS Consultant  
  • Retail led by Alizabeth Aramowicz-Smith, Global EHS Senior Consultant and Health and Safety Practice Leader 
  • Marketing and Communications led by Kate Asleson, Marketing Consultant and Global Marketing Director of Inogen Alliance  
  • Energy Transition led by Bill MacDonald, Energy Transition Leader along with Danielle Pucherelli, Energy Consultant  

Below we share some of the insights gained from the Energy Transition working group.

Global Energy Transition Trends 

Nearly 50 members from 17 associate organizations participate in our global Energy Transition working group. Working Group meetings each have a theme, so far including Hydrogen, Off-Shore Wind, Solar, Batteries, and Green Ammonia, with each theme including case studies and a discussion of emerging trends and challenges.  

The Spring Associate meeting provided a great opportunity to gather feedback regarding working group progress and to discuss global market trends. Many associates are actively working for clients in support of the energy transition. Across Asia, wind, solar and transmission projects are booming; in Europe, offshore wind and ammonia project development markets are very active. Meanwhile, in Mexico, there is still heavy investment in fossil fuels and a lack of commitment to green energy investments. In African countries, there is an increasing demand for energy transition projects but also support needed to conduct feasibility studies and energy efficiency program development. In the US the inflation reduction act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act are funding billions of dollars in US clean energy projects benefiting most sectors of the energy ecosystem. Investments that are gaining momentum include offshore wind, hydrogen, carbon capture & sequestration, geothermal, and fleet decarbonization. 

Bill MacDonald, Antea Group USA, Energy Transition Working Group leader states “The collective energy transition project experience of the Alliance membership rivals any global consulting firm. Our mission is to collaborate with each other to expand our consulting capabilities geographically, and to win multinational client opportunities." 

These biannual meetings remind us of the importance of this collaboration and always bring up new ideas and opportunities to refocus and reflect on as we continue to evolve and grow through our collaborative work within Inogen Alliance.  

Read the full blog for more insights into the working group collaborations here.

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