Every summer Antea Group does something special — we bring on interns all across the U.S. in several different capacities. We place our interns where they fit best, somewhere that is related to both their experience and their education to help them thrive in our company.

Want to know what it’s like to be an intern here? Let us give you a sneak peek and offer some of our internship program highlights.

Fun + Training = Onboarding Week

At Antea Group we like to have a great work/life balance, so why not start out with some life? The first week of our internship starts off with a bang; we invite all of the interns from their respective offices to join us at our corporate headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota for training and group activities to get to know one another and their new coworkers. We took all of our interns out for a first night dinner with our Chief People Officer, Rosanna Ouellette-Pesicka, where they get to know more about each other and our company.

Onboarding week focuses on bringing the interns together and teaching them about their roles in our company. We are open, friendly, and transparent with our employees at Antea Group. We also want to support their health and well being. Many of our interns commented on our company culture  — this is what they said:

“It is open and very friendly. People here are willing to give you projects, test your knowledge, and they are willing to meet and talk about things.” -Layne, St. Paul Operations Intern

“The culture here is very positive and focused on doing your best work in a healthy way. There are many people who have been with the company for a long time, and I think that reflects well on how Antea Group treats their employees” - Zoe, St. Paul Marketing Intern

“I didn’t realize how friendly working in a corporate office would be!” - Annie, St. Paul Marketing Intern

Let’s Get Down to Business

The point of our internship is to help our interns gain skills and make a real difference in the departments they work in. The interns this summer have worked on projects ranging from environmental remediation to groundwater sampling, Twitter marketing campaigns to writing Antea Group web content, and more. We give them projects we ourselves work on — real assignments that can make a difference in their department and the company.

When it comes to interns, we know we have the best of the best. Our recruiting coordinator, Pam Womack, said “I am truly fortunate to be a part of the campus recruiting program. Working with the interns is what I love most about my role. The enthusiasm the interns bring to the firm while they start down their career paths is infectious and it is so rewarding to be a part of that journey.”

Antea Group interns are usually still working on their undergraduate education — they are just getting started on their careers, and we want to help them learn about anything in their line of work they are interested in. As operations intern Layne put it, "[my internship] forced me to explore; not everything was laid out in a singular narrative and I had to be a forward thinker to get the job done.” Dan, an operations intern at our Valhalla, New York office said “I learned how to apply health and safety measures in a real work environment. I have also gained the knowledge of how an environmental consulting firm delineates remediation techniques in a complex area.” We are very happy that they have grown in their fields and contributed to real-world projects.

Our interns are valued members of our teams all across the country. They help us finish projects, start new ones we never could before, and rework old ideas with their fresh perspectives. If you are interested in becoming an intern at Antea Group, you can meet us at a career fair near you or contact our recruitment coordinator, Pam Womack.

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