Recently, Inogen Alliance Associates were able to join together virtually to gain insights and share knowledge on the state of the industry and services globally. The meeting serves as a great reminder of the broadened reach and ability Antea Group gains from our involvement with Inogen Alliance and the global capabilities we can bring to our clients. 

This year marks Inogen Alliance's 20th anniversary, an impressive milestone for an alliance of local companies coming together to provide global coverage. Check out some of the leadership discussing the history and evolution for the 20-year anniversary with video interviews here.

“The ability to meet in person even with part of our leadership and working group teams was inspiring and rejuvenating. Our Associates are showing a record year for business performance but still commit time to ensuring the Alliance is strong; we are working together effectively and responding to the needs of our clients. More than ever I firmly believe the Alliance offers multinational organizations a better option for global EHS&S solutions that can be implemented successfully locally.” Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance and Vice President, Antea Group USA.

Brian Ricketts, CEO of Antea Group USA shared perspective around traditional consultant services for health and safety, compliance, regulations, and environmental work that will continue and will complement ESG strategies at a technical level. Currently, there is a lot of focus on ESG, decarbonization, and energy transition with business resilience at the center.

Leadership Team Key Takeaways

“Over the three days of “hybrid conferencing” I felt the strongest sense of togetherness right across the Inogen Alliance, with a total belief that we offer a truly unique, world-class proposition that can be sustained for the next 20 years.” -  Alan Crossfield, Delta-Simons  - UK

“We are family.” – Eugenio Capponi, HPC Italy

“Pride. Awe. Gratefulness. I am very proud of our Associates – especially when I hear a client say how wonderful we are. (we are pretty dang wonderful, I have to say!) I am in awe of our Associates every time we come together or I interact one-on-one with them. We have a depth of knowledge and experience that just floors me at times. I am grateful that I get to be a part of this every day. Virtual meetings help us stay connected, but I am really looking forward to an in-person meeting where I can meet even more of our team.” – Debbie Ferguson, Inogen Alliance Events Director, Antea Group USA

“The relationships have not faded due to distance, rather we seem to have become more connected and focused on the personal relationships we build with each other and our clients. New ways to work within the Alliance and with each other to benefit the clients and continue our passion to  improve our world were demonstrated – even with one team calling in from a mobile home they were using to go review a remote client site.” – Alizabeth Smith, Antea Group USA

“In attending these virtual meetings it’s even more apparent the level of commitment and partnership which is truly unique to Inogen Alliance across independent local companies, globally. It’s great to connect with such knowledgeable partners worldwide to gain insights and understanding of trends and innovations in their unique locations.” – Kate Asleson, Inogen Alliance Marketing Director, Antea Group USA

Read more about the topics discussed including ESG as the Path Forward to Sustainability, Innovations and Trends in EHS&S, and Client Insights in the full blog.

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