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Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI) and Antea Group partnered in 2016 to offer clients unique services and expertise. Since 1987, TFI has helped executives reduce costs, improve supply-chain efficiencies, and design and produce more sustainable products. At Antea Group, we combine technical expertise with superior project management to deliver results-focused business solutions. Together, TFI and Antea Group provide full-service solutions from senior level strategy to local implementation, for both client operations and products.

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The power of combined supply-chain and profitable-sustainability consulting.

A proud proponent of a Lean and Green approach, Tech Forecasters has been on the forefront of helping companies realize efficiencies and savings while building responsible and profitable brands at the same time.

In the 1980s, TFI forecasted the inextricable mutual dependency of supply-chain resources and environmental sustainability. Since then, our thought leadership has helped executives to design, manufacture, and service their products with greater efficiency, stewardship, and profit.

We help chief, operations, technology, and marketing executives in industries for which speed and responsibility are tantamount to success, including electronics, apparel, medical-device, transportation, clean-tech, and more.

Our best-practice research, consulting, and training programs help clients to:

  • Develop high-ROI sustainability roadmaps at the executive and team levels
  • Design products that are more resource-efficient and competitive
  • Apply innovative supply-chain and logistics solutions to manage risk, reduce wasted resources, and accelerate time to market
  • Efficiently and cost-effectively comply with environmental regulations and eco-design elements, according to global best practices
  • Outsource and/or “in-source” manufacturing leveraging the world’s best supply-chain methods, for competitive advantage and responsibility

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