community and stakeholder engagement for sustainability initatives

Stakeholder Engagement and Collective Action

Working Together, Working at Scale

Antea Group delivers proven community and stakeholder engagement expertise to help understand risks, expectations, and opportunities beyond your operations. Believing effective engagement is an important enabler of your sustainability journey, we help you strategically engage with individuals and/or organizations that either affect, or are affected by, the activities of your company.

Antea Group understands that addressing the sustainability challenges we face today, and tomorrow, are bigger than any one industry, company, or person. To achieve and sustain positive impacts at scale requires collaborating with appropriate stakeholders and partners. Depending upon the location and topic, such collaborations may consider a broadening range of potential stakeholders, including government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), peers, competitors, strategic advisors and technical experts. 

The key is to identify the right partners, at the right time, with the right alignment of objectives. This is where the Antea Group team of experts can help you do this efficiently and effectively from global consortiums to community and watershed-based engagements.  

Our Community and Stakeholder Engagement Services:

  • Stakeholder Mapping – assisting your organization with identifying and mapping the most relevant stakeholders based upon: 1) stakeholder interest; 2) stakeholder influence; and 3) the stakeholder’s willingness to constructively engage. Mapping can be effective at the global, regional, and/or local level.
  • Stakeholder & Partner Prioritization – leveraging our technical, industry, and business expertise to prioritize why and how to engage priority stakeholders and pursue partnerships with shared purpose. 
  • Consortiums  Because focused cooperation is so critical, we are proud to be partners, facilitators, and participants in a number of sustainability and industry collaborations ourselves, such as: 

Industry Consortiums

Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable



Cross-Industry Consortiums


ReMADE Institute

Supply Chain Consortiums

Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

Community Consortiums

Latin American Water Funds Partnership 

Watershed Replenishment Projects

With experienced professionals all over the world, Antea Group delivers strategic thinking and hands-on support your company needs. Contact us today for more information.