Stormwater management plan, permitting, and more

Stormwater Permitting & Management

Stormwater management is important to businesses in all industries – whether that means acquiring a permit for adding on to a facility, managing your inspections and sampling, or completely re-assessing your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) – we know that getting up to speed with stormwater best practices can help mitigate negative environmental consequences and save costs in the long run.

Antea Group partners with you to minimize your environmental compliance liability risks through strategic program design, implementation, and long-term stormwater management – expanding beyond the templates that state and federal agencies provide for stormwater.

Our capable team will work with you to create a stormwater program that is customized to your facility and industry needs. Stormwater regulations exist at both the national (EPA) and state level, and our experts have experience and certifications in both, including state-specific licensing across the United States. We can help you create a SWPPP that works in tandem with your current Best Management Practices (BMPs); provide recommendations for your specific needs and how to incorporate them along with regulatory requirements; and guide you on how to implement scheduling, inspections, sampling, and required BMPs.

Our stormwater permitting & management services include:

  • SWPPP (creation and updates)


  • On-site assessments

  • Design

  • Inspection and Sampling

  • Data analysis

  • BMP Implementation

  • Training

  • Exceedance Reporting

  • Exemptions

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