sustainability consulting news: monetization working group formed

Driving Sustainable Decisions Formed by Innovative, Thought-Leading Organizations

August 31st, 2015

Consulting businesses on the monetization of sustainable investments.

Monterrey, Mexico and St. Paul, MN – Over the past 18 months, Antea Group in partnership with Fundación FEMSA has coalesced a number of thought-leading organizations to form Driving Sustainable Decisions (DSD). This group aims to accelerate progress via removing obstacles to better, more sustainable business decisions by making key elements of sustainability more tangible and helping to build a better case for investment. Presently, DSD is concentrating on creating a curriculum/tools that improve the monetization and business case development skills of those proposing and deciding on sustainable business invesments.

Today we are pleased to formally introduce the group and its participants which include: Diageo plc, FEMSA, Kellogg Company, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Newell Rubbermaid Inc., SABMiller plc, The Nature Conservancy, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and founders Antea Group and Fundación FEMSA, all of which have come together to help those challenged with proposing and deciding on investments in sustainability.

“DSD tackles, in a very pragmatic way, a pressing need that sustainability professionals face every day: how to be more effective, and provide relevant information in the business decision making process to advance sustainability topics,” says co-founder Carlos Hurtado, Manager of Sustainable Development for Fundación FEMSA. “The collective knowledge and experience represented by these global leaders has been an incredible engine for the group’s effort.”  

John Platko, Vice President with Antea Group notes, “We are privileged and excited to have co-founded Driving Sustainable Decisions with Fundación FEMSA and to engage with so many leading organizations on this important effort. The thought leadership and solution-oriented approach of this group lends innovation and practicality…and that is exactly what is necessary to tackle this challenge.”

To date, the group has completed work on a curriculum and set of tools to train business leaders on monetization principles and business case development. The curriculum was recently piloted with FEMSA and 25 members of The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Latin American Water Fund team. “This curriculum and tools will strengthen the way in which we relate to relevant actors, whether authorities, donors, and/or society in general,” says Hugo Contreras, TNC’s Latin America Water Security Director. “The work products from this effort will facilitate conversations with critical stakeholders, opening options of financing based on the value and not the cost and help us improve the design of our value proposition based on a better understanding of what the market considers valuable.”

Moving forward, the Group will continue to build, test and refine its curriculum and associated tools with The Nature Conservancy and other like-minded organizations.

To learn more about our efforts, or if you are interested in joining us, check out the Driving Sustainable Decisions website