Jack Sheldon

Jack Sheldon

Senior Professional
+1 515 971 8329  

Jack Sheldon is a remediation expert located in West Des Moines, Iowa.  He has over 32 years of experience as a project manager, sales manager, and program director.  He has specialized in the field application of various types of bioremediation and chemical oxidation/reduction systems, with personal involvement in 21 first type remediation projects in their respective states.  He has completed remediation projects in all 50 states and several locations abroad.

Jack has provided global remediation, microbiology, and regulatory negotiation services for many government and commercial clients on concerns of soil, sediment, air, and groundwater. He has worked extensively in the field to determine chemical type and extent, prepared various environmental reports, and successfully managed numerous environmental projects and technology programs.  His primary expertise has been in the identification and selection of remediation technologies for projects and the monitoring of those technologies.  Through this process, Mr. Sheldon has designed, implemented, and supervised hundreds of treatability and pilot studies comparing technologies and determining their feasibility under simulated or actual site conditions.  He is actively involved in the design, equipment selection, monitoring, supervision, and peer review of full-scale remediation projects using a broad array of technologies.

Jack has authored more than 50 technical papers and articles, two best-selling books, and delivered more than 75 major presentations. He has conducted seminars for many regulatory agencies nationwide and taught courses for the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin, Rutgers - the State University, Drake University, and the MA/CT/NY Licensed Site Professionals program.

Jack currently serves as primary quality assurance resource for all in situ chemical oxidation projects implemented by the company.  He is also a member of the corporate project audit team, the corporate Volunteerism group, and the Remediation Engineering Evaluation Team (REET).