EHS and Sustainability Consortiums and Events

EHS&S Industry Organizations and Consortiums

We're proud to bring EHS experts from a variety of industries together to talk about challenges, innovations, and what comes next.

Antea Group facilitates several environmental, sustainability, and industry consortiums that act as forums for competitors to come together and benchmark their progress, discuss new and upcoming innovations, and find new ways to stay in compliance with the latest regulations. We believe forums like these are valuable spaces to focus on the future of EHS&S--which is why we've been running consortiums since 1998. 

We facilitate consortiums that focus on a variety of topics, including sustainability in the beverage industry, healthcare plastics recycling, EHS in the technology industry, and more. Find out more about these consortiums and events below:

Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER)

Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable Logo

BIER is a coalition of global beverage industry leaders who are committed to improving and increasing sustainability in the beverage industry and beyond. Along with Antea Group experts, BIER members serve as a technical resource and knowledge base, and they create work products that help others tackle big issues like water stewardship, benchmarking, greenhouse gas emissions, and more.

Learn more about BIER.

Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC)

Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council Logo

HPRC is made up of companies across the healthcare, recycling, and waste management industries seeking to improve the recyclability of plastic products and packaging within healthcare. By engaging in pioneering projects across the value chain, HPRC works collaboratively to enhance the economics, efficiency, and ultimately the quality and quantity of healthcare plastics collected for recycling. 

Learn more about HPRC.


EHSxTech Logo

EHSxTech holds two yearly meetings (one that is regional and another that is global) that focus on EHS challenges for the rapidly growing technology industry such as emergency response, ergonomics, fire and life safety, contractor management, and new EHS regulations. EHSxTech participants explore regulatory updates, specific EHS needs and issues, and industry trends in a collaborative, non-competitive space.

Learn more about EHSxTech.

Inogen Environmental Alliance

Inogen Environmental Alliance logo

Antea Group is a founding member of the Inogen Environmental Alliance, a global coalition of EHS&S consulting companies who work together to provide solutions around the world. Inogen holds it's own events (Inogen Worldview Conferences), as well as promotes and supports associate events and workshops on a variety of EHS topics, from managing contaminated areas to emergency response planning. 

Learn more about Inogen.


EHSxRetail Logo

EHSxRetail is an industry-focused consortium that provides a workshop for retail EHS&S professionals to network, identify best practices, and find new ways to bring EHS to the forefront in retail settings. These events are private, and allow participants to address the complex world of EHS and sustainability issues in the retail industry, as well as learn how to overcome shared health and safety challenges.

Learn more about EHSxRetail.

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