Leak detection and testing for an oil and gas pipeline

VCU Testing for a Major Pipeline Company


Antea Group was contracted by a major pipeline company to complete a performance test of two marine vapor combustion units (VCUs) and a volatile organic chemicals (VOC) leak quantification of components during loading of marine vessels. The protocol for both of these tests had been developed by a previous consultant and the client had not yet approved protocol. The client recently purchased the facility and had little information on important parameters needed to properly define the scope and duration of the project and could only provide 10-days advance notice of test date due to ship scheduling issues. The client desired to demonstrate that the VCUs could meet limits at maximum loading capacity and that the components on the ship had at least a 99% capture efficiency.  


Antea Group mobilized 19 staff from four offices to conduct all three tests simultaneously (two VCU tests and one shipboard leak quantification test). At the last minute, the client chose to postpone the leak quantification effort on the ship and the particulate sampling on the VCUs due to insufficient time for planning and operational uncertainties. However, two Antea Group source test teams successfully completed the performance tests on each VCU.


Preliminary information indicated that the terminal was able to demonstrate compliance with permit limits at a loading rate of 13,500 bbl/hr. During the VCU tests, Antea Group staff obtained detailed information that will allow for accurate planning of future leak quantification efforts as well as particulate sampling in the VCUs. 

Client testimonials

“Thanks to all of you for the many long hours of planning and due diligence in preparing for these tests. Regardless of the obstacles, you never gave up. Thank you so much for ensuring the safety of our people and the terminal and for keeping us in regulatory compliance. Great Job!!”—Division Manager

 “Thanks for everyone’s hard work and patience in making this happen and congratulations on a successful test.”—Operations HSE Manager