Railroad cars

Underground Bunker C Fuel Distribution System Investigation


A railroad transportation company tasked Antea Group with researching Underground Bunker C Fuel Distribution Systems at eighty railroad stations of a formerly acquired rail transportation company. The scope of work involved extensive research of both rail companies’ historical records and archives at railroad museums.


For this scope of work, only sites with noted legacy underground structures which had not been previously investigated were researched. In identifying the locations of legacy facilities, aerial photographs, construction plans, and historical records etc. were obtained and reviewed. Determining/confirming ownership of these railroad stations involved communication with county assessor offices and review of county property records.

After this extensive document search, facility locate, and historical review were performed. A fact sheet verifying the existence and nature of legacy equipment was developed to facilitate in the verification of possible legacy equipment by performing geophysical and visual surveys of the facilities. These fact sheets contained extensive site information to assist in field verification of the underground facilities.

The geophysical surveys that indicated the presence of potential presence of underground features warranted an intrusive evaluation. This field verification required potholing at identified sites and sampling of associated fill ports and encountered products. Corresponding fact sheets were subsequently updated to reflect the new discoveries.

To facilitate and expedite the performance of field verifications, an advisory committee was established with three other client preferred consultants in Oregon, Arizona and Nevada. Per the client’s request, the field portion of the verifications outside California were performed by these other consultants with Antea Group managing and directing the performance of the visual and geophysical survey.


As these geophysical surveys were completed and results compiled, Antea Group assisted the client in negotiations with the State of California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) for the establishment of regulatory oversight for the Bunker Vault Program in California as well as participation in the established advisory committee and related meetings. Antea Group also provided regulatory assistance to UPRR to begin communication with the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB).