Improving EHS Programs to Reach Best in Class Performance

Improving EHS Programs to Reach Best in Class Performance

Creating business opportunity for a precious metals refiner


A precious metals refiner retained Antea®Group to evaluate and improve their EHS programs with the end goal of achieving best in class EHS performance among the industry as a way to differentiate itself and create additional business opportunity.
As their current New Jersey industrial facility with deteriorating infrastructure was recognized as a significant source of the client’s marginal EHS performance, Antea Group was also enlisted to assist with the relocation of manufacturing operations and manage the EHS aspects of its startup. 


Antea Group first addressed legacy EHS issues including air emissions monitoring, industrial hygiene sampling and industrial ventilation at the New Jersey facility before conducting assessment and due diligence activities at potential relocation sites in North Carolina.
Once a relocation site was selected, Antea Group coordinated and obtained all the necessary environmental permits for the new facility and negotiated a consent agreement with the state to allow operation under reduced RCRA Part B requirements while simultaneously working with regulators and attorneys to revise state regulations exempting the new site from Part B status. The revisions resulted in significant cost avoidance and allowed the facility to compete for nationwide business on a more level playing field.
Next, Antea Group developed strategic programs for EHS operations such as waste management, spill and discharge response, transportation safety, and employee training.  

Lastly, Antea Group authored a comprehensive EHS program manual that was provided to prospective customers seeking to audit EHS performance. EHS training and implementation guidance was also provided to all client employees regarding environmental performance and permit requirements.


The client now operates a state-of-the-art metals refinery that uses its EHS program as a strategic differentiator among its competition. The enhanced EHS practices developed by Antea Group have enabled the client to expand business opportunities with environmentally conscious industries. The client benefits by knowing that everyone from senior management to the shop floor understands the role they play in managing EHS risks. Antea Group continues to support the client as it moves toward ISO 14001 certification.