Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting

Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting


In 2009, an international organization of travel industry executives set an aspirational greenhouse gas reduction goal of 25% by 2020 and 35% by 2035 for their industry (on a 2005 baseline).  A global luxury hotel chain needed to start gathering information to support their commitment to achieving this goal set by the client, and communicating their progress publicly.  


Since 2010, the client has sought Antea Group’s assistance to publicly communicate their sustainability messaging and progress to goals through a sustainability report utilizing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework.  The following activities were included in our scope of work: 

  1. Evaluation of materiality.  In Year 1 a materiality assessment was completed.  In subsequent years, Antea Group has reviewed the material aspects selected for the GRI report with the client to determine if additional information is available to support further disclosure. 
  2. Information gathering. Each year, Antea Group interviews functional leads with our client to document the progress in the past year and identify upcoming events to feature in the report. Antea Group also submits surveys to the hotels requesting information on sustainability initiatives conducted at each property (e.g. environmental, community involvement and safety). In addition, Antea Group surveys the Human Resources leads at each hotel to gather labor data. 
  3. Report preparation. Antea Group prepares the technical language included in the GRI report for each aspect and indicator selected for inclusion. Our client has targeted a transparency level of C (G3.1) or Core (G4). The client’s functional leads support and review reporting language that aligns with their area of expertise, and the client completes the transition from technical language to a published report by completing the layout internally.    


Since 2010, Antea Group has supported the preparation of an annual sustainability report conforming to the GRI framework. This work has resulted in positive internal reviews from our client’s chief officers and accolades for the team with which we work. The global luxury hotel chain is able to consistently communicate their progress toward their environmental and social goals in a report that complements their annual financial report. Internal communication and collaboration have increased since the initiation of this reporting program, and more attention is paid and resources are allocated to achieving the sustainability goals. 

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