environmental liability management for a large university

Environmental Liability Management for a Large American University


A large American university acquired a two-hundred acre hospital property for the purpose of future developments. One fifth of the property was impacted by chlorinated solvents and petroleum. Antea Group was appointed to assume the liability, return the land to residential use, and abate the migration of contaminants with minimal disruption to the campus or the hospital.


Antea Group’s approach to this challenge was to reduce insurance costs and better define remedial costs via the implementation a guaranteed fixed price remediation program which allows the university to eliminate liability associated with known pollution conditions.

Antea Group reduced uncertainties through supplemental soil and groundwater investigation. Following this investigation, Antea Group collaborated with the university to identify aggressive remedial efforts that would achieve the desired results, enabling Antea Group and an insurance broker to negotiate with insurance markets to develop a program of the highest benefit to the university. Antea Group contracted with the university to assume the liability to achieve the developed endpoints.

Furthermore, Antea Group established the university’s goals of regulatory closure for residential land use under Alabama’s Risk Based Corrective Action Program. This remediation plan consisted of excavation, sulfate injection, multiphase extraction and contingency using chemical oxidation; followed by Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA).  


Antea Group completed the excavation and sulfate injection, thereby reducing the impacted area from forty acres to fewer than seven with a total mass reduction of over eighty-percent. The university then began site decommissioning under Antea Group oversight, with redevelopment following. 

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