sustainable product design for tech

Design for Circularity Workshop for a B2B Tech Company


A business-to-business tech company had made strides in designing efficient products and extending the economic lives of products in use through refurbishment and recycling. Now, with a keen interest in deploying more eco-design into its products and participating more fully in the circular economy, the client desired to kick-off this effort with Antea Group’s Design-for-Circularity Workshop. Benefits sought include competitive advantage, reduced cost of goods sold, increased product reliability, and management alignment on product sustainability processes and goals. 


In Silicon Valley, Antea Group’s Eco-Design expert Pamela J. Gordon led a workshop for approximately 60 designers of products and packages, managers and executives, after-market services managers, and manufacturing and recycling suppliers. Instruction included Interactive discussions, group quizzes, hands-on team exercises, and a design checklist. Topics included efficient compliance to product regulations, the business value of the circular economy, how to design for circularity, design input from recycling and manufacturing suppliers, and tools including Life Cycle Assessments and Smart EOL™.  


Immediately after the workshop, the client’s cross-functional, multiregional teams leveraged the workshop’s insights to plan circular economy success at the company. Workshops in additional geographies are planned. Now stakeholders across the company speak the same vernacular as they approach product design, financial models, refurbishment, takeback, and recycled content. All together, these insights and corporate direction toward the circular economy will foster the company’s competitive, financial, and environmental success.