Compliance Assurance Program Development for a Pipeline and Logistics Company

Compliance Assurance Program Development for a Pipeline and Logistics Company


Antea Group was retained by an oil and gas pipeline and logistics company to conduct comprehensive audits at multiple facilities including major and small terminals, pipeline facilities, crude trucking facilities, and trans-loading facilities. These audits included an evaluation of all relevant health, safety, and environmental regulatory compliance, including DOT and PHMSA compliance, Coast Guard, RMP/PSM, Product Quality, DOT programs such as those applicable to Assets (Integrity, Corrosion, Public Awareness, One Call, GIS), and related internal conformance audit elements associated with Fuels (Butane Blending, Product Quality), rail and lubes. 


Antea Group’s solution included a detailed process of preliminary audit activities (inclusive of pre-audit questionnaires and interviews), on-site activities, and post-audit gap analysis and reporting. Audit teams included multiple EHS practitioners and midstream operational specialists. Oftentimes, audit findings/conclusions were discussed during on-site activities or immediately thereafter, and involved legal counsel to ensure confidentiality of results. Antea Group’s reporting method for the audit findings was most critical to the client since the audit results were categorized and shared with other “like” facilities in the portfolio as a method of shared learning. The results of this shared-learning approach were then re-assessed during subsequent audits conducted the following year for a different portfolio of facilities.   


The benefits to the client were the ability to identify and quantify compliance gaps, submit those gaps for rapid corrective action, categorize and analyze those gaps for programmatic solutions (for the benefit of many facilities), and as shared learnings to positively impact the compliance performance of the operating company.