Acquisition Baseline Assessment for an Independent Refiner

Acquisition Baseline Assessment for an Independent Refiner


Antea Group was contracted to identify and quantify potential environmental liability associated with the operational acquisition of a multi-site portfolio of California retail fuel outlets. The objective consisted of characterizing existing petroleum hydrocarbon impacts by developing a custom Phase II baseline assessment scope of work to address specific data gaps identified in previously performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.   


Antea Group performed Phase II environmental site assessments to establish baseline subsurface soil and groundwater conditions prior to our client assuming operation of these facilities. Baseline assessment activities included the following:

•    Pre-field activities (permitting, utility clearance, and site visits to setup assessment), 
•    Site assessment activities (drilling, soil and groundwater sampling, field documentation),
•    Management of investigation derived waste (waste profiling, manifesting, transporting, and disposing at appropriate facility),
•    Comprehensive baseline site assessment report preparation with conclusions and recommendations to meet the client’s objectives.


The benefits to the client were the ability to establish baseline site conditions in support of developing an indemnification agreement between the stakeholders.