Bob Karls

Bob Karls

President, Senior Consultant
+1 651 697 5183


“Our focus is to provide clear, concise business advice that enhances our client’s ability to manage and optimize their environmental liabilities.”

Bob Karls, President and a Senior Consultant for Antea Group, has more than 34 years of environment, health and safety leadership experience. Bob specializes in the management of environmental liabilities and partners with clients to build liability reduction strategies through innovative risk transfer techniques including guaranteed fixed cost programs and cost cap insurance policies. He has a proven track record of success working with risk transfer stakeholders who often include property owners, business unit managers, environmental managers, procurement managers, attorneys, lenders and risk managers.

With extensive international experience, Bob has led projects across Europe, North America and Latin America and has provided consulting services to over 25 Fortune 500 companies including global beverage, pharmaceutical and integrated oil companies. A professional geologist with astute communication skills and an unflappable demeanor, Bob is a highly sought after expert witness. He has provided countless depositions and testimony at trial on topics including hydrogeology, remediation selection, contaminant migration and source characterization.