Two Ways to Solve Your Sustainability Business Case Problems

Two Ways to Solve Your Sustainability Business Case Problems

November 12th, 2015

When it comes time to crunch the numbers, sustainability initiatives may seem too abstract, too intangible. Frequently, benefits of this sort are difficult to quantify in ways that are credible to all decision-makers.

Accenture’s 2013 CEO survey (UN-Global Compact – Accenture CEO Study 2013: Sustainable business and the pace of change) backs this up, reporting that 37% of 1,000 top executives felt the lack of a clear link to business value was a major factor preventing them from taking faster, more decisive action on sustainability.

#1: Accounting for Sustainability

That’s why we created Antea Group’s Accounting for Sustainability, or AA4S®—to simplify the economics of sustainability by delivering financial advice and analysis aligned with your business and sustainability objectives.

Using common business and accounting tools, we provide a straightforward, transparent approach that removes uncertainty, so everyone involved in decision-making can speak the same language. This highly flexible methodology can quantify and monetize a range of tangible and intangible benefits —things like supply chain availability, cost reduction, marketing, brand reputation, public good will, and increased transparency.

What Does AA4S Encompass?

•    True Cost Analysis
Identifying and accounting for the total cost of a resource throughout the value chain
•    Business Case Development
Innovative use of standard investment models to quantify the business case for sustainability
•    Forecasting & Probability Analysis
Predictive models to forecast risk, opportunities and potential economic, environmental and social outcomes
•    Activity-Based Measurement & Metrics
Measuring the cost, performance and sustainability gains of business processes and their outputs
•    Sustainable Transaction Advisory
Assessing the value of sustainability in mergers, acquisitions and intellectual property transactions
•    Economics for Sustainability Leaders
Building competency and capability to link economy, ecology and society 

For every dollar spent on sustainability, AA4S can demonstrate the impact on your company’s strategy.

#2: Driving Sustainable Decisions

Another way Antea Group is tackling the problem of sustainability value creation and demonstration is through Driving Sustainable Decisions, or DSD, which we co-founded with FEMSA Foundation. The group is a cross-sectional group of industry, NGO, and private sector leaders aiming to removing obstacles to better sustainability decision‐making. With a focus on making the benefits of sustainability more tangible, DSD has created a curriculum and tools to help improve the monetization and business case development skills of those proposing and deciding on investments in sustainability.

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