EICC Responsible Electronics 2016

The Reuse and Recycling of Electronic Materials

EICC Responsible Electronics 2016 Preview

November 4th, 2016

We're so excited about the upcoming EICC Responsible Electronics 2016 event in Santa Clara, CA next week, focused on corporate social responsibility in the global electronics supply chain. Attendees can look forward to networking and discussing solutions to the biggest supply chain sustainability challenges.

Antea Group is proud to be presenting a session on "Reuse and Recylcing of Electronic Materials," which focuses on a recent study which tapped EICC members up and down the supply chain to discuss business and technical insights on the practical and profitable reuse and recycling of electronics materials, parts, and products.

The presentation will focus on how more electronic products, components, and materials (especially glass, metal, and plastics) can be profitably reused and recycled back into the electronics supply chain; the degree to which materials – especially conflict and rare earth minerals -- can be recycled and placed back into the electronics supply chain; and potential roles for EICC in facilitating further reuse and recycling of electronics industry materials toward the Circular Economy.

Event details:

RE 2016 General Sessions: Tuesday, Nov. 8 (9 a.m.-5:30 p.m.)
RE 2016 Breakout Sessions: Wednesday, Nov. 9 (8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.)

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
5101 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Sign up now if you haven't already--we'd love to see you there!


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