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REMADE for the Circular Economy

A Deeper Dive into what the REMADE Institute is All About

February 6th, 2017

As global competition and resource scarcity increases, U.S. manufacturers will look for new solutions to help them reduce the cost of raw materials, energy, water and more by becoming more efficient and sustainable. Cleaner production, newer technologies and adoption of a circular economy are recognized as critical drivers to a prosperous future.

We recently announced that Antea Group had been named a member of Manufacturing USA’s REMADE Institute on Clean Energy. Let’s take a closer look at what that really means and what REMADE is working on.

What is REMADE?

The REMADE Institute was launched in January of 2017 by the Department of Energy with $140 million in public/private funding. It is made up of 26 universities, over 40 companies, seven national labs, and 26 industry trade associations and foundations, and is led by the Rochester Institute of Technology. The focus of the group is to find new and less expensive ways to reuse, recycle, and remanufacture metals, fibers, polymers, and electronic waste. 

The REMADE Institute’s five-year goals include:

  • 5 to 10 percent improvement in manufacturing material efficiency by reducing manufacturing material waste
  • 50 percent increase in remanufacturing applications
  • 30 percent increase in efficiency of remanufacturing operations
  • 30 percent increase in recycling efficiencies
  • 50 percent increase in sales for the U.S. manufacturing industry to $21.5 billion and the creation of a next-generation recycling and manufacturing workforce.

These goals will be achieved through the funding, piloting and execution of numerous research projects over a five-year period. For example, projects could involve research on technological advances in manufacturing or the implementation and testing of these advances at scale. Other projects might include data collection, development of standards and performance metrics, and program-level connectivity. 

Facilitating the Future of Manufacturing

Antea Group has been providing services related to the circular economy for decades, including our work on sustainability, and our Design for Environment solutions. We’ve also invested heavily in industry collaborations—as founding members of Driving Sustainable Decisions, HPRC, and BIER, we have been part of hands-on work to incorporate circular concepts and practices into the healthcare and beverage industries.

Antea Group was invited to participate in REMADE based on our market-leading expertise, our experience in the manufacturing industry, and our ongoing engagement with the growing community of organizations focused on transitioning to a more circular model. Our ability to facilitate collaboration between diverse stakeholders as well as our understanding of how to apply circular principals to an ever-evolving supply chain will benefit REMADE and allow us to explore circular economy concepts, test market opportunities, and pilot projects within the Institute. 

Antea Group is excited to be part of this mission, and is looking forward to big things to come!

To learn more about how Antea Group can help support your circular initiatives, contact us.


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