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Vince Malone
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Vince Malone

Senior Consultant
Chemical Industry Leader

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Vince Malone is a Senior Consultant in the Columbus, Ohio office with more than 20 years of environmental consulting experience.  Vince has served diverse stakeholders, including commercial, industrial and municipal entities in facility closure, redevelopment, divestment, and merger/acquisition support.  He has held client account leadership roles within the specialty chemical, steel, insurance, oil & gas, and financial service industries.  His areas of expertise include: developing regulatory strategies and implementation plans for complex remediation sites; client advocacy and regulatory negotiations; reserve forecasting; risk and remedial alternatives assessment; health & safety management; and merger-acquisition support services. 

As a Senior Consultant, Client Account Leader and Segment Leader, Vince has successfully managed multiple million-dollar legacy liability portfolios.   He has developed effective closure strategies, served clients during mediation and third-party negotiations, and established reserve estimating and tracking protocols. Vince has designed and implemented sampling/analysis plans, and managed high-value Real Estate due diligence projects on behalf of manufacturing clients.

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