active threat awareness

Active Threat Awareness

Awareness of potential active threats along with a practiced emergency response plan can save lives.

According to FBI data, the number of active threat situations has doubled in the last ten years. With the increase of this type of threat, it is important that companies update their current emergency preparedness and workplace violence plans and procedures to include this type of risk.

Antea Group understands the importance of proper preparation and can assist you with creating a custom approach based on the type of risk your business might experience. We believe that this is an important component of a well-rounded health and safety culture.

Our Active Threat Awareness services include:

  • Reviewing and revising your Emergency Response Plan or Workplace Violence Plan to include active threat risks.
  • Reviewing your communication plan to ensure that employees are properly informed during these dynamic situations.
  • Providing onsite awareness training based on the principles set forth by Homeland Security.
  • Performing tabletop drills to talk through how you would handle this type of emergency.
  • Holding live drills to have employees physically walk through their planned actions.
  • Assisting with a Building Vulnerability Assessment to determine potential gaps.
  • Developing flyers, posters, or other materials to communicate the key points to all employees.

Antea Group can work with key stakeholders (such as security or risk management) to determine the best solution for your environment and provide appropriate components that are carefully crafted towards this sensitive topic.

To learn more about our Active Threat Awareness support, contact us today.