Creating a Custom Regulatory Data Management Solution for a Global Industrial Goods Manufacturer

Creating a Custom Regulatory Data Management Solution for a Global Industrial Goods Manufacturer


Confronting challenges associated with the volume of regulations to which they must comply, the ever-changing nature of the regulations, and the applicability of the regulations at different operating facilities, a global industrial materials manufacturer enlisted the support of Antea Group to develop a solution that would consistently update international, national, regional, and local regulations and notify only the applicable facilities.

As the client already subscribed to a mass provider of regulatory information, Antea Group strategy proposed a partnership that would bridge the regulatory information with our EHS data management tool, at which point our tool could apply unique applicability functionality to the client facilities.  

Additionally, Antea Group, through it’s Inogen Environmental Alliance network, worked with the regulatory information provider to develop regulatory content for locations where content was inadequate and sources were unreliable.


Antea Group evaluated several content providers to consider whether any one of them had better content or a better ability to link to our EHS data management tool. Antea Group data management experts matched data export formats to our tool's data import requirements and technical experts created links and tested the applicability functionality. No feasibility issues were encountered and the connection was established in a short period of time.


The client now enjoys a unique service unduplicated elsewhere with up-to-date regulatory content applied where applicable to each facility. The Antea Group solution has eliminated the need for manual sorting through thousands of regulations to determine their applicability at hundreds of facilities globally.  

The solution of combining regulatory content with EHS data management functionality has produced a state-of-the-art information management system that requires fewer resources to manage and ensures global compliance.