Caron Koll, PG, LSP

Caron Koll, PG, LSP

+1 315 949 7035

Over the span of 34 years, Caron has developed focused environmental response actions and managed hundreds of environmental investigations and remedial projects in the Northeast and Midwest United States and South America. During that period, Caron met or exceeded client expectations to develop an enviable reputation within the industry. Caron attributes her success to understanding client needs, an in-depth knowledge of applicable environmental laws and regulations, and an aptitude for identifying creative and cost saving solutions. 

Caron has experience serving a wide spectrum of industrial clients including: chemical manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, automotive, transportation, and general manufacturing. Contingent on client needs and regulatory drivers, she is an account leader and manages, directs, and oversees the development and implementation of environmental remedial investigations including conceptual site models, feasibility studies, permitting, remedy design, remedy implementation, and remedy operations through to post closure. With a focus on client’s needs and expectations, Caron has been responsible for advising clients of appropriate and compliant response actions and the path forward to achieve client end state goals. Foremost, as a project and account manager, Caron is responsible for collaborating with clients on forecasting future needs based on global business economic dynamics and relevant regulatory mandates. She is responsible for managing, overseeing, directing, and mentoring, as well as contracting and managing/controlling budgets.