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How Antea Group Has Built a Strong Health & Safety Culture

July 24th, 2017

Learn the 7 ways our organization has built a health and safety culture through engagement, communication, and continual refinement.

After more than three decades of work, Antea Group knows health and safety programs are most successful when they’re embedded into company culture; a culture in which employees feel empowered to play an active role in creating a healthy and safe workplace. This knowledge is not something we simply instill in our clients’ programs. Its knowledge we’ve put into action within our own organization.

“At Antea Group we believe that all work related injuries and illnesses can be prevented,” says Gary Wisniewski, Executive Vice President. “Continuous improvement and proactive management of risk are fundamental to providing a healthy and safe workplace and require a consistent company-wide culture.”

A strong health and safety culture cannot be built overnight, nor does the work end after you’ve implemented your tactics. Below we share how our organization has built a health and safety culture through engagement, communication, and continual refinement.

1. Driving engagement at all levels

Health and safety begins with leadership and is implemented through all levels of our company. At Antea Group we believe that working safely is the most important thing you do. By providing training, resources, and guidance through leadership, we help our employees do what they do best while doing it safely.

2. Establishing clear practices and expectations

We have a robust health and safety management system that sets forth a framework used to achieve our goal of completing all work safely. Consisting of 13 elements from risk assessment and stakeholder awareness to incident management and performance measurement, our health and safety management system clearly articulates expectations around work planning, execution, feedback and improvement practices. 

3. Creating a balanced approach to employee wellness

In 2016, Antea Group was named one of the top 100 healthiest workplaces in America. Our wellness program takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, encouraging employee efforts to achieve and maintain physical wellness, emotional wellness and financial wellness, while providing a variety of resources to help them realize their individual goals.

4. Emphasizing safety and comfort in the workplace

Our leadership understands that health and safety doesn’t just apply onsite, but in the office as well. We invest in ergonomics by enabling quick communication if an employee is having issues with their workstation and needs a change. Our ergonomics program includes online training, assessing the needs of the employee, and providing personalized changes and feedback to the employee.

6. Encouraging open health and safety communication

We start every meeting with a health and safety “moment” where we share important health and safety-related information, updates and concerns. All employees also have access to an online communication platform where relevant health and safety topics can be discussed whether it’s defensive driving practices, weather-related considerations, or how to avoid tick bites while doing field work.

7. Ongoing employee training

We provide in-office workshops, webinars, and e-learning modules to give our employees a diverse and well-rounded health and safety knowledge base. Every employee has specific health and safety training assigned to them based on their roles and assignments that they are required to complete annually.

In summary, our health and safety culture is based on the idea that everyone in the company is responsible for fostering a safe workplace. Through engagement, communication, feedback and continuous improvement, we aim to be a company that values and honors our employees by making sure they are healthy and safe every day they come to work.

Interested in reconsidering your EHS&S culture? Visit our health and safety services page and stay updated through our blog.


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