EHS FleX gap analysis

Facing the Challenge of Enterprise EHS Risk Analysis

You Can't Close the Gaps If You Don't Know Where They Are

February 15th, 2017

We know EHS Managers are facing financial pressures and limited resources when determining how best to evaluate and address compliance liabilities across their organizations, despite the fact that those organizations are larger, more spread out, and more complex than ever before. How do you get your arms around the true picture of EHS at your company? And then, once you can see the picture, how do you figure out where to start?

With these issues in mind, Antea Group developed EHS FleX, a low-cost, systematic approach to discovering and prioritizing enterprise risks and validating financial investments. Specially targeted for higher risk facilities, this approach is highly customizable and tailored to suit your needs. Building on expertise gained from thousands of global EHS audits, Antea Group's EHS FleX allows you to get the data you need to make informed choices and create out a road map to closing the gaps.

Learn more in the overview video below, or contact us to discuss how EHS FleX might benefit your organization.

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