Antea Group Celebrating 30 Years

Better Business, Better World

Antea Group Celebrates 30 Years

February 22nd, 2017

Antea Group: The Early Years

From the beginning, we believed that our work could make a difference, our intellect could solve challenges and our imagination could unlock possibilities. We opened our doors in 1986, just as environmental policy welcomed the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA), a piece of legislation that emphasized the cleanup expectations and transparency around toxic releases and hazardous waste sites. We only had three clients but that was enough.

We worked on environmental remediation projects, primarily for the retail petroleum industry. In plain speak, we removed leaking underground storage tanks from gas stations and cleaned up any residual contaimination. These projects were regulatory driven and there seemed to be an endless supply. We experienced explosive growth in the early years, but not without our share of “school of hard knocks” moments (i.e. don’t let a geologist design a remediation system).


Today, while we still hold the same beliefs as we did in 1986, our work has evolved tremendously as a reflection of globalization and technology. We have a very diverse portfolio of work with large client groupings represented in Automotive, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Railroad, and Technology market segments.

And while we continue to be experts in Environmental Remediation, over the decades we’ve also developed deep knowledge and unique skillsets in the areas of Health & Safety, Information & Knowledge Management, EHS Auditing and Compliance, Environmental Mergers & Acquisitions, and Sustainability. We’ve grown from one office in Minnesota to close to 100 offices worldwide, even founding a global network of environmental consultancies called Inogen along the way. With every evolution of our business comes exciting opportunity. Opportunity to learn from the past. Opportunity to make our world better.

Our Better Business, Better World Philosophy

We subscribe to a philosophy of Better Business, Better World®, a belief that doing the right thing environmentally and socially will improve competitive position long-term. We believe this for ourselves and for our clients. This concept influences not only the work we do every day, but also how we engage in our communities and the way we connect with employees.

Here are some of the things we credit for our longevity in the industry and that we feel are helping to create a better world.


Through leadership on environmental, health, safety and sustainability issues we pave the way forward for our clients. We are approachable and guide our business, people and projects in an accountable and transparent manner.


Through innovation we adapt, explore what’s possible and create new value for the market. We strive to be nimble and dynamic in order to take advantage of opportunities that serve the future.


Through commitment to teamwork and collaboration, we support our clients, our network of global partners, our communities and each other. We are dedicated to our work understanding its impact on the greater good and continued success of our company.

As we look towards the future, we recognize our world is changing. Our economies are pushing the limits of our planet in unprecedented ways. We are also experiencing a time of distrust toward business to do the right thing, as reflected in increased consumer activism.

There is tremendous opportunity, now more than ever, for business to step up and lead - - lead the way for solutions that ease the burden on finite resources and bring diverse stakeholders to the table as well as lead the way by integrating sustainability, both environmental and social, into core business practices. This is the work we are passionate about and the work that we believe will continue to make a difference in the world we share. 

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