Antea Group Wellness Program Profiled by Employee Benefit News

Antea Group Wellness Program Profiled by Employee Benefit News

March 10th, 2016

Antea Group's employee wellness program takes a holistic approach, emcompassing the emotional, physical and financial aspects of well-being. The firm's recent efforts around mental health and stress management were recently featured in a piece in Employee Benefit News. The article spotlights the Learn to Live program of web-based cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT) and the Vitality program, which incentivizes healthy behaviors.

From the article:

[Antea Group's] VP of employee services and systems, Rosanna Ouellette-Pesicka, [said] “Our broker brought Learn to Live to our attention, and we totally fell in love with it because it was 24/7, which is really appealing to our employees who are always on the go,” she says.

Learn to Live provides online CBT to address psychological problems such as social anxiety, depression, stress and worry. Employees complete an online questionnaire and based on the results, they are directed to one of three eight-module programs. The goal is that by the end of the program, participants have the tools and resources to deal with the specific challenge they are facing.

Ouellette-Pesicka thinks that by offering incentives for employees to participate in the program either as a preventative or remedial tool, the company will be able to encourage more employees to log in and complete both the preliminary assessment and the full eight-unit program.

Read the full article here.

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