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Antea Group Gives Back

September 5th, 2017

Antea Group contributes both locally and globally to support communities and causes we care about.

In 2013, Antea Group launched our Social Sustainability Program. This program defines our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world by supporting organizations that align with both our corporate and personal values. As an environmental compliance firm, we care about the Earth and the communities that populate it, and we strive to weave this commitment into our mission, day-to-day operations, and philanthropy. While we can’t always be the ones on the ground making direct changes, our profit donations to 501(c)3 organizations can help create a more sustainable and healthy future around the world.

Our 2016 Sustainability Report highlights our steps towards creating positive impacts in the lives of our clients, communities, and employees through our donation efforts. The report also exhibits our company’s environmental impacts, as well as our volunteering, pro-bono consulting, talent management, and wellness initiatives.

Donating One Percent of Annual Profits

Annually, our donation target is 1% of the current year’s earnings before taxes. Of this amount, 70% is donated at the corporate level to a variety of organizations, and 30% is dispersed throughout our national offices. This allocation promotes employees participating locally in the donation process, supporting efforts where employees work and live. We encourage our employees to voice which charities align with their values and bring meaning to their lives because we also match up to 50% per employee for their contributions to 501(c)3 organizations. 

Supporting Engineers without Borders

In 2016, we donated $10,000 to Engineers without Borders USA, supporting their mission of community-driven development programs in 42 countries around the world. Our donation helped build a vehicle bridge that serves 20,000 people in the Joyabaj municipality in Guatemala. Before the bridge, there was no safe way for citizens to cross the Camino de los Caballos River. After construction, the community has safer and easier access to schools, markets, and medical care.

Our funding also helped Engineers without Borders repair over 35 hand pumps in Ethiopia, bringing water to more than 10,000 people. Ethiopia is experiencing one of the worst droughts in decades, and many people have to walk 6 hours or more roundtrip to collect water. Hundreds of thousands of livestock have died from the lack of food and water, leaving communities food insecure, malnourished, and vulnerable. With the new well installation, villagers are now able to easily access fresh water, giving communities a chance to focus on other aspects of life, such as education and business development. These positive results continuously encourage us to give to communities around the globe.

Contributing to Our Local Communities

At a local level, our contributions totaled $14,200. The drive to donate to these charitable organizations is driven by our employees and the causes they care about. From suggestions and insights from local teams, we supported these incredible organizations last year:

As part of our philanthropy commitments, we also awarded $780 in employee matching gifts. Our corporate philosophy is “Better Business, Better World™” and we believe that doing the right thing environmentally and socially will improve our competitive position long-term and benefit society as a whole. The efforts of our employees to support worthwhile causes illustrates our commitment to bettering the world by building stronger communities in our backyard and beyond.  

To read more about our efforts, download our recently published 2016 Sustainability Report. To learn more about the people who make it happen, follow us on Facebook.


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