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5 Insight-Driven Articles Every Tech Company EHS Leader Should Read

November 30th, 2017

When it comes to managing environment, health and safety (EHS) programs and compliance, all EHS professionals working in the technology industry know they face unique challenges and opportunities. If you are an EHS professional, it may interest you to know that some of your peers recently came together to discuss those challenges and opportunities, as well as gain actionable insights and best practices from one another.

This spring, Antea Group led and facilitated the Salesforce-hosted sixth annual EHSxTech event — a day-long event focused on collaboration and learning. While there, our team led sessions, participated and facilitated in discussions, and took furious notes — all so we could bring you exclusive insights to fuel your EHS efforts.

Below we highlight a handful of posts driven by those insights, as well as our own experience working with tech companies. We encourage you to read, learn, share, and get in touch if you have questions.

1. 3 Important Industry Trends That EHS Teams at Tech Companies Need to Know

It’s an exciting time for the technology industry. Not only has technology become a vital component of our daily lives, but it’s also a critical driver of success for businesses across all industries. And, of course, that growth shows no signs of slowing down. However, growth never comes without challenges — particularly when it comes to EHS.

Drawing from recent studies and surveys, this piece highlights three challenging tech industry trends: The tech talent shortage, rising attrition, and declining tech employee engagement. In addition, this piece offers unique insights and tips to help EHS teams play a role in turning these concerning trends into opportunities.

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2. EHS Leaders at Tech Companies Reveal Their Toughest Global Compliance Challenges

When it comes to managing EHS compliance across global operations, tech companies face a myriad of unique EHS challenges thanks to the increasing speed of innovation, globalization, and the ever-changing regulatory environment. And many EHS leaders are looking for actionable solutions.

At EHSxTech, attendees from a diverse collection of tech companies shared their toughest global compliance challenges. Many found they weren’t alone in their struggles, and others stepped up to share their best practices — all of which we’ve captured in this post.

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3. Should Tech Companies Strive for 100% Global EHS Compliance?

With facilities spread around the world, tightening budgets, limited resources, and pressure to be global regulatory compliance experts, many tech company EHS leaders feel like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, wondering: Do I strive for 100% compliance? Or just prioritize my efforts?

The answer? Both.

In this piece, we outline why you should shoot for the compliance moon while also setting realistic, relevant priorities.

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4. EHSxTech Perspectives: The Changing Landscape of Tech Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are increasing across a variety of business sectors — and the technology segment is certainly no exception. But rapid growth means rapid change. As a result, it’s important for tech companies to do their due diligence so they can understand their potential exposure to EHS risks as well as identify factors influencing successful integration.

In this piece, Matthew Bell, Antea Group’s Transactional Support Practice Lead, walks you through key considerations to help you keep up and stay ahead of the game.

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5. 5 EHS Tips for Protecting & Bolstering Your Tech Brand’s Reputation

From managing compliance to stakeholder engagement to employee training, today’s EHS professionals wear many hats. And one of the newer headpieces they’re donning is that of brand and reputation manager.

While your company’s PR, marketing, or business development departments are doing most of the heavy lifting, EHS leaders can and should play a helpful role. This blog post details five actionable tips that can help you build, grow, and protect your company’s brand.

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More Helpful Insights to Come...

The Antea Group team and EHS tech leaders from around the world are already gearing up for the next EHSxTech event. The event, titled EHS Leadership: A Culture of Safety and Compliance, is set for Friday, Sept. 22 in Singapore. So, stay tuned for more insights, best practices and tips!

 Are you interested in being a part of the next EHSxTech gathering? Contact Peylina Chu for more information.


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