Oregon EHS and Sustainability Consulting

Oregon EHS and Sustainability Consulting

Antea Group is proud to provide top-notch services to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest through our Portland office.

Our Expertise

The Portland office provides services primarily to the oil and gas, wood products, and high tech market segments. For the oil and gas segment, we are involved in the remediation of retail LUST sites as well as large bulk storage terminals and associated pipelines. We also provide litigation support services for oil and gas clients with facilities located with the Portland Harbor Superfund located along the lower Willamette River. In the wood products industry, we provide compliance support with stormwater, waste water, and groundwater issues. For high tech, we provide HSE support and on-site out-sourced staffing.

Senior Staff

Senior staff members of the Portland office include Pete Hamlin, Kevin McCarthy, and Todd Vanek.

Part of the Community

The Portland office staff enjoys helping keep Portland livable by volunteering to help convert an underused piece of Willamette waterfront into a new public beach with the Human Access Project. We also keep our employees healthy and have been named one of Oregon’s Healthiest Employers two years in a row.

Get in Touch! 

The Portland office is located at:

One World Trade Center, 11th Floor
121 Southwest Salmon St.
Portland, Oregon 97239

Please give us a call at +1 800 477 7411 if we can be of service.