EHS and Sustainability Support in Mexico

EHS and Sustainability Support in Mexico

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increased call for EHS and sustainability support throughout Latin America, as global companies across all industries pursue aggressive expansion plans. In response, Antea Group has put boots on the ground in Mexico, with local experts ready and waiting to help your organization achieve its business objectives.

Recent Project Work in Mexico and Latin America

  • Helping improve water security in key watersheds across Latin America.  

    We are providing water stewardship, stakeholder engagement and accounting for sustainability services to assist a beverage company as they work to help improve water security in key watersheds throughout Latin America.

  • Conducting on-site EHS audits and developing compliance roadmaps.

    To help bridge the information gap between corporate and local facilities, we are assisting an automotive manufacturer with bilingual EHS audits at their Mexican facilities to identify compliance issues through both local and USA lenses, estabish EHS priorities and develop a compliance roadmap to guide facility staff for the coming year. 

  • Delivering EHS support services to office and retail environments.

    To help ensure worker and customer safety, we have completed a wide range of EHS support services for a technology company, including risk assessments, incident investigations, safety committee development, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, and active threat training.  

Teaming Up with Spanish Engineering Firm ICEACSA Grupo

With core activities spanning environment, infrastructure, transportation and urban planning, ICEACSA Grupo combines consulting services, engineering and project management. The company employs over 80 technical staff across a head office in Spain and five permanent offices in Latin America: Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. (Read more about this partnership here.)

Other Mexico-Based Projects Include:

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