At Antea Group, our philosophy is that corporate reporting always starts with a conversation – it's the best way to understand exactly what your organization needs and what your stakeholders expect in order to support you in telling your story and taking the next steps. We recognize that sustainability reporting is not just about checking boxes--we want to partner with you on a reporting approach that is thorough, impactful, and customized for your business needs. 

To do that, we've put together what we like to call our Corporate Sustainability Reporting Dream Team. Since we love a good story, we talked to select members of the team to get the lowdown on who they are, what they love about their work, and their favorite "sanity latte" for those days when the rubber meets the road.

Laura Nelson

Denver, CO office

Describe yourself in one sentence: Vivacious tree-hugger–turned-sustainability-practitioner who truly loves her job, and works hard at it so her dachshunds can have a better life.

What you enjoy most about sustainability reporting: When our clients have an a-ha moment, and they feel more excitement than anxiety about telling their sustainability story. 

Sanity latte of choice: Grande Gingerbread Latte with skim, no whip.

Meaghan McNaney

Syracuse, NY office

Describe yourself in one sentence: Tree-hugger, dog-lover, optimist, and art aficionado with a passion for hiking, running, painting, and honeybees.

What you enjoy most about sustainability reporting: Corporate reporting is SO important and influences so many portions of sustainability decision making – from investor and consumer choices to industry standards. As a consumer, I actively use corporate disclosures and sustainability reports to determine which companies are most sustainable and whether or not I choose to support them with the power of a purchase. I think that it makes being on the other side of things and assisting our clients with such disclosures even more fascinating to me. Because the outcomes are so impactful, I truly feel like we’re making a difference with our work.

Sanity latte of choice: Caramel sea salt latte with cinnamon… because calories don’t matter when sanity is at stake.

Carolyn Clemmens

Denver, CO office

Describe yourself in one sentence: I am ambitious, always curious to understand how anything and everything works, and have an insatiable wanderlust!

What you enjoy most about sustainability reporting: The versatility! Each report brings a new challenge or opportunity that forces a unique approach based upon our clients’ strategies and goals. Whether it’s a short and sweet summary or detailed and data-driven – each report requires a fresh perspective to deliver the message clearly. In the end, after diving into all sorts of data and info, it is particularly rewarding to see a company’s whole sustainability story and, when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, to see the collective advancements toward sustainability in various industry types and company sizes. Of course, the best part of sustainability reporting is the team I get to work with, who never fail to provide support and sanity checks at any hour of the day!

Sanity latte of choice: Grande Pike Place, black.

Owen McKenna

Boston, MA office

Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m a guy who pencils idleness into his calendar, has voluntary control of his tensor tympani, and writes sustainability reports; most people agree only the last thing is noteworthy.

What you enjoy most about sustainability reporting: I cherish client consultations, which while customary, can commonly carry considerable consequence.

Sanity latte of choice: While I consider tolerance to be one of my finest virtues, it unfortunately does not extend to dairy, so I always take my espresso with water.

Ron Feingold

Philadelphia, PA office

Describe yourself in one sentence: Happy, Fun, Enthusiastic Philadelphian Father ready for anything and everything.
What you enjoy most about sustainability reporting: Getting the chance to share my passion with my clients and knowing that we are working together towards a common goal to better the world we live in today for future generations.  

Sanity latte of choice: I keep it simple with a Large Iced Coffee black. If you’re paying I may go with a Grande Skinny triple shot caramel macchiato (Iced or hot depending on the season).  

Answering the Call

We also couldn't do what we do without the invaluable help of reporting maverick Julie Mouton, data wizard Joy Rooney, and benchmarking master Lizzy Selvik. It takes a village, but with everyone bringing their A-games, we produce great results for our clients and have a pretty good time along the way.

Learn more about our corporate reporting services, or contact us to talk about your specific needs.

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