Now is the time for sustainability leaders to refine strategies with this list of the 10 best sustainability podcasts.

Working in sustainability right now means you’re likely to be feeling the heat. (Not a climate change pun. Honest.) 

The spotlight is beaming down on you — more than ever.  
You want to be able to set and achieve increasingly aggressive sustainability goals while deftly balancing financial business needs.  
You want to be able to authentically assess and transparently communicate your brand’s sustainability progress to a public that is more demanding than any C-suite executive.  

You want to excel.  
So, what do the best sustainability leaders do to improve their skill set when it matters most? 
They learn from the best.  
In the spirit of making it easy for you, enjoy our carefully curated list of the top 10 most insightful and educational sustainability podcasts. And with so many companies and employees working from home recently, this is an even more relevant way to continue professional learning.

Our Top 10 Sustainability Podcasts for Business Leaders 

#1: GreenBiz 350 Podcast 

If it’s making headlines in sustainable news, you can be sure that GreenBiz 350 is dissecting it with an inimitable mix of wit, clarity, and vast industry knowledge. Hosts Joel Makower and Heather Clancy, both titans of the sustainability field, approach their topics with a fact-based optimism that can’t help but inspire hope. 
Recommended Episodes: Clean energy careers/Bold missions from Mars and UPS and Walmart share fleet strategies/A peek into Citi's sustainability strategy 

Available On: iTunes | Stitcher | SoundCloud 

#2: The Sustainability Agenda 

The Sustainability Agenda podcast has Fergal Byrne hosting a killer lineup of sustainability experts and thought leaders to take on some of the biggest questions in the industry today. Discussions are piercing and tactical, yet manage to retain an accessible, down-to-earth quality that makes for great listening. Learn how some of the top sustainability professionals are devising innovative solutions to long-standing challenges. 

Recommended Episodes: Dr. Steve Cohen & The Sustainable City and Deep Dive On Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains With Tobias Webb 

Available On: iTunes | Stitcher  

#3 The Energy Gang 

The Energy Gang podcast features engaging discussions centered around the many factors that are changing America’s energy markets. Become aware of upcoming trends and policies before they happen. Hosted by energy futurist Jigar Shah, energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton and Greentech Editor Stephen Lacey
Recommended Episodes: The Battery Storage Market Kicks Into High Gear 

and Energy Efficiency Is Going Through Another Transformation 

Available On: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify 

#4: Sustainability Defined 

Sustainability is a relatively broad concept. Over at the Sustainability Defined podcast, they know this well. Hosts Jay Seigel and Scott Breen have a lofty goal: to push ambiguity out of the conversation.  
Each episode, they break down an aspect of sustainability in clear, measured terms with the help of a guest expert. Learning how to simplify the more esoteric facets of the field certainly won’t hurt come your next internal stakeholder meeting. 

Recommended episodes: Supply Chain Emissions & Walmart's Project Gigaton with Zach Freeze and Big Data and Sustainability with Google’s Sustainability Lead Kate Brandt 

Available On: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify 

#5: Sustainababble 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by analytical discussion and you can’t take any more experts cramming facts through your ears — we’ve got just the podcast for you. Sustainababble is a rare blend of comedy, industry knowledge, and thought-provoking insight. Hosts David Powell and Oliver Hayes will make you laugh, blissfully unaware that you’ve been learning all along. 
Recommended Episodes: Facts Vs. Fiction and Naomi Oreskes Meets Sustainababble 

Available On: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify 

#6 - The Sustainable Futures Report 

Sustainability coach Anthony Day’s The Sustainable Futures Report is a well-researched podcast detailing how you can handle being in the middle of resource depletion, a climate change emergency, and an energy crisis… and still find a way to be profitable. Learn how you can fine-tune your sustainability initiatives to be in true concert with your cash flow. 
Recommended Episodes: What’s Next? and The Uninhabitable Earth 

Available On: iTunes | Stitcher  

#7: The Impact Report 

The Impact Report is unique in that it brings students, alumni, and faculty in Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability Program together with leaders in business and social entrepreneurship. Most of the discussion centers on innovation in sustainability, anywhere from NYC to rural Africa. Learn about novel strategies being implemented all over the world — they may help you see your own challenges in a new light. 
Recommended episodes: Planetary Health, Human Health and Brand Health and GM’s Global Sustainability Energy Manager Reflects on Changes at the Automaker 

Available On: iTunes | Google Play 

#8: Direct Current 

Hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s digital team in Washington, D.C, Direct Current is a robust podcast focused on energy, how we use it and what that means for us in the long-term. Hearing about the logic behind upcoming policy changes can help you prepare for how these changes will affect your company’s sustainability programs, supply chain footprint, and bottom line. 

Recommended episodes: 17 Labs in 17 Minutes and Makers 

Available On: iTunes | ListenNotes 

#9: Think: Sustainability 

Think: Sustainability is a podcast that digs deep into the impact of consumption across all areas of life. Host Julia Carr-Catzel pursues questions that cover the scope of industry, technology, and human life. Learn about innovative approaches and emerging tech that can help you work smarter. 

Recommended Episodes: Should We Put A Price On The Environment? and Starting From Scratch 

Available On: iTunes | Spotify 

#10: GreenBiz Center Stage 

An offshoot of GreenBiz 350, GreenBiz Center Stage is a “best-of” collection of live interviews with sustainable business and technology leaders, as captured at GreenBiz and VERGE conferences. Each episode contains a veritable wealth of knowledge for environmental business professionals. 

Recommended episodes: Encouraging Sustainability Leaders To Chase Their Moonshots and Integrating Global Goals Into Day-To-Day Business Operations 

Available On: iTunes | PlayerFM 

Listen, Learn, Lead 

That’s a wrap! We hope these resources offer you the motivation and knowledge to leverage the increased global focus on sustainability into an opportunity for your brand and your career. 
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