antea group 2016 sustainability report

Download the Antea Group 2017 Sustainability Report

August 28th, 2018

Welcome to our Social Sustainability Report.

As I think about this report, I think of our employees. At Antea Group USA, we are scientists and engineers, safety professionals and business professionals, subject-matter-experts and jack-of-all trades. We are recent graduates and experienced leaders, Millennials and Baby Boomers. We are Southern California and Upstate New York and everything in between. We are diverse in many ways, yet we collectively rally around a shared purpose – and that purpose is to create a cleaner, safer, more sustainable world.

We call this common thread our “Better Business, Better World®” philosophy and it represents our belief that through the work we do for our clients we not only improve their business performance, but also restore and protect the planet we all share.

More specifically, to us “Better Business, Better World” means:

  • Honoring our commitment to the environment
  • Ensuring safety in all that we do
  • Innovating our solutions to serve the future
  • Providing exceptional value to our clients
  • Investing in our employees' growth and development
  • Giving back to the communities where we live and work

This report is our opportunity to share with you some of the work we do to fulfil our purpose. Inside these pages, you’ll find highlights of our progress across client engagement, charitable giving, volunteerism, pro-bono services, talent management and wellness. I’m proud of these accomplishments and want to personally thank our employees for embracing and championing our Social Sustainability Program – like everything else we do, it’s their passion and drive that makes it possible.

Download our 2017 Sustainability Report:

2017 Social Sustainability Report