Antea Group 2016 Social Sustainability Report

Download the Antea Group 2016 Sustainability Report

August 28th, 2017

Antea Group is always striving for Better Business, Better World®. Learn what we achieved last year in our new sustainability report.

At Antea Group, we subscribe to a philosophy of Better Business, Better World®, believing that doing the right thing environmentally and socially will improve our competitive position long-term. This concept influences not only the work we do for our clients every day, but also how we engage in our communities and the way we connect with our employees. We are excited and proud to show you the work we completed in the form of our 2016 Sustainability Report.

As an environmental consulting firm, we are in a unique position to help ensure a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable world. Our Social Sustainability Program seeks to create positive impacts at global, national, and local levels through commitments to charitable giving, pro bono services, and volunteerism. These commitments promote a sense of community and pride among our employees, establish goodwill within our neighborhoods, and reinforce Antea Group as a great place to work.

To keep our promise of Better Business, Better World® in 2016, we built and repaired homes, prepared meals for the hungry, planted trees, assisted with land conservation, cleaned up riverbeds and beaches, supported disaster relief, and funded disease research. We also made investments in our people through workplace diversity initiatives, mentoring and development efforts, and expanded wellness programming, helping to ensure an engaged and healthy workforce.

You can find the highlights of our progress in 2016 by downloading our Sustainability Report below. 

Download our 2016 Sustainability Report:

2016 Sustainability Report