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Antea Group Launches RiskRight EHS

New Solution Offers a People-First Approach Tailored to Employees, Culture, Customers and Facilities

April 6th, 2015

St. Paul, MN - Antea Group, a global environmental, health and safety consulting firm, today announced the launch of RiskRight EHS™, an industry-first solution for managing environment, health and safety (EHS) issues and brand reputation threats for low-risk facilities such as offices, call centers, retail outlets, warehouses, and data centers.

Antea Group recognized the need for RiskRight EHS®  to address a rising concern for growing companies: the overwhelming task of managing EHS and other risks that can impact employees and/or customers across an expanding portfolio of physical assets of their global business. Today's most successful enterprises do not simply operate one type of facility in a single location. Instead, they are tasked with managing a diverse portfolio of facilities that span multiple borders and jurisdictions. RiskRight EHS gives companies the ability to manage compliance issues and create proactive programs for employee safety and productive workplaces that meet employee and customer expectations anywhere they operate.

"RiskRight EHS is designed to address the unexpected risks that can come with growth and change," said Gary Wisniewski, CEO, Antea Group. "As companies expand into new markets and regions, we're able to identify and address the EHS challenges that await. We approach each company uniquely to understand their culture and team, enabling us to seamlessly execute fit-for-purpose EHS programs for clients that don't have the bandwidth or expertise internally."

RiskRight EHS was originally developed for a select group of Antea Group's customers and is currently used by six globally branded technology companies, four of which are Fortune 100 companies, supporting more than 1,400 lower risk facilities, such as offices, call centers, sales centers, retail stores, and data centers located in more than 80 countries. RiskRight EHS is the ideal solution for companies that manage a variety of lower risk facilities -- all with their own employee and customer needs, region-specific regulations, and brand expectations.

The RiskRight EHS solution is custom-tailored to meet each company's needs, from the strategic to the tactical. Examples include identifying EHS compliance requirements for offices around the world, evaluating workstation ergonomics, rapidly responding to an employee's concern in their workplace about noise or odors, and managing EHS risks for a large employee event.

"RiskRight EHS lets our clients focus on growth and not get hung up on what could be seen as distractions around workplace health and safety," said Peylina Chu, who leads the technology segment at Antea Group. "Whether our clients are managing compliance around the world or creating a work environment to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, they can count on RiskRight EHS and Antea Group to help them put their best foot forward."