TFI and Antea Group partnership

Antea Group and Technology Forecasters Inc. Join Client Services

Collaboration to Enable Complete Solutions for Profitable, Responsible Operations and Products

January 28th, 2016

Antea Group and Technology Forecasters Inc (TFI) are pleased to announce that we have joined client services, effective immediately.


Antea™Group and Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI) are pleased to announce that they have joined client services, effective immediately. Since 1987, TFI has helped executives to reduce costs, improve supply-chain efficiencies, and design and produce more sustainable products. Antea Group, a global consulting firm specializing in Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability services, combines technical expertise with superior project management to deliver results-focused business solutions. TFI and Antea Group together can provide full-service solutions from C-suite strategy through local implementation, for client operations and products.

Pamela Gordon, CEO of TFI and Antea Group Senior Consultant describes the move this way: “Having the ability to bring profitable sustainability to exponentially more client organizations, supply chains, and products around the world is the ultimate goal. Joining TFI’s services with Antea Group’s makes that possible.” Peylina Chu, Senior Consultant with Antea Group, adds: “This relationship can lead only to gains for both TFI and Antea Group clients, who can capitalize on our synergistic areas of expertise, complementary solutions, and continued focus on measurable client results.”

TFI's consulting team is excited that their clients can now benefit from Antea Group’s 3,000 expert EHS and Sustainability consultants on 6 continents. Likewise, Antea Group is pleased to be able to bring TFI's supply-chain, design-for-environment, and profitable sustainability expertise to their global clients. The collaboration will enable both firms to provide EHS and Sustainability services for client facility operations plus environmental compliance and eco-design leadership for client products.

Pamela Gordon and Peylina Chu welcome inquiries about the business benefits of aligning EHS and Sustainability strategies, as well as leveraging best practices for profitable and responsible operations and products.