sustainable business decisions

Driving Sustainable Decisions

A Sustainability Monetization Working Group

Leaders often struggle to understand which choices are best when it comes to investing in sustainability. One way to improve is to enable stronger business case development and associated analyses of both tangible and intangible benefits connected to these investments.

In response to this challenge, FEMSA Foundation and Antea Group founded Driving Sustainable Decisions (DSD) in March 2014. 

A Problem-Solving Platform to Enable Better, Faster, More Sustainable Decisions

DSD is a cross-sectional group of industry, NGO and private sector leaders focused on enabling better, more sustainable business decisions. We do this by working together to solve practical challenges associated with the business case for sustainability. With a focus on making the benefits of sustainability more tangible, DSD has created a curriculum and tools to help improve the monetization and business case development skills of those proposing and deciding on investments in sustainability.

As we solve problems and navigate the obstacles to more sustainable decisions, we share our solutions, tools, etc., through various presentations, webinars and other “open-source” channels.

Tackling the Challenges Of Sustainability Decision Making

DSD is committed to enabling better, faster more sustainable decisions through the collective action of our participants. To accomplish this we facilitate the execution of practical, participant-selected and funded projects which solve ‘real’ problems that often represent obstacles to better, more sustainable decisions. Challenges we are currently addressing include:

  1. Building a Case For Action: Understanding how to create a comprehensive case for more sustainable business decisions.
  2. Quantifying ‘Hard’ & ‘Soft’ Benefits of Sustainability: Using decomposition, quantification and monetization techniques to make intangibles tangible.
  3. Gaining Management Confidence: Reducing uncertainty, assuring alignment and using credible inputs based on company, peer and published research.
  4. Predicting When Benefits Will Be Realized: Using the shared experiences of our participants to forecast benefit realization.

Why Join Driving Sustainable Decisions?

Get More Value & Impact Working Together

The economics of working together on this important topic of common interest plus the benefit of the group’s extensive experience in sustainability investment offers a compelling value proposition compared to ‘going it alone’.


Participants add to their reputation as sustainability leaders by contributing to solutions that remove significant barriers to more sustainable business decision making.

Leverage Small Improvements for Big Returns

On average companies in the Fortune 500 spend ± $30 Million USD/year on sustainability. If the group’s efforts enable a mere 5% increase in business value creation, those we serve stand to gain significantly.

To learn more about our efforts, or if you are interested in joining us, check out the Driving Sustainable Decisions website