Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson

Senior Consultant
Corporate Reporting & Disclosure Solution Leader
Mid-South Region Leader
+1 303 615 3106

“I’m dedicated to providing clients timely and accurate data to support their environmental management and sustainability programs.”

Laura Nelson earns accolades from clients for her positive attitude and efficiency in data mining and reporting. She has specific expertise in data management and analysis for benchmarking initiatives; preparation of sustainability reporting and disclosure efforts, water risk analyses, and carbon inventories; and design and implementation of EHS management systems.

Laura currently works with a team of consultants to prepare the annual Internal Sustainability Performance Report for a leading beverage company, coordinating narrative writing, graphics and layout, assisting in data analysis, and crafting a concise report that is informative to client stakeholders. In addition, she provides technical assistance to numerous other clients with water risk analysis research and support, metrics data management, and EHS training module development. She also manages water and energy use benchmarking studies for the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable and the International Bottled Water Association.