Healthcare compliance

Healthcare Industry

Antea Group, with a 25-year history of helping the healthcare community, has the technical expertise – as well as the strategic insight – to help you manage today’s requirements while ensuring you have the processes in place to address tomorrow’s needs.

  • Do you know that work-related injuries and illnesses impacts employee satisfaction and contributes to the true cost of employee turnover?
  • Do you know the impacts on your institution’s reputation if they are unprepared during an outbreak?
  • Are your patients being exposed (unnecessarily) to Healthcare-Associated Infections from environmental factors making your institution at risk of reductions in Medicare reimbursement?
  • On average a hospital uses and spends 20% more on energy due to inefficiencies…where are you compared to the average? 
  • Are your local and regional personnel reactively mitigating and managing facilities environmental risks; thereby wasting staff resources time and incurring unnecessary fines?

Antea Group has an international footprint and the technical skills to support the healthcare community with worldwide and domestic assignments, ranging from maintaining a safe working environment to identifying and addressing stakeholder drivers

We understand the healthcare community's need for technical excellence and timely response. We have a thorough understanding of EHS&S regulations, non-compliance issues, and impacts various stakeholders bring to the table. Our broad EHS&S skills allow us to support diverse assignment needs. 

We also understand the need for operational flexibility and strive to incorporate flexibility in permits and programs to address ever changing market conditions. Our sector experience allows us to understand the “big picture” and ensure the permits and programs we deliver support you today, as well as tomorrow.

Our goal is to simplify EHS&S requirements by providing appropriate cost-effective solutions which allow our clients to focus on the business of delivering medical solutions to the marketplace. 

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