Gordon Hinshalwood, PhD

Gordon Hinshalwood, PhD

Senior Professional
+1 914 393 2223

Gordon Hinshalwood has more than 20 years of professional experience in environmental consulting. His expertise includes investigation and remediation of contaminated sites in a variety of hydrogeological settings in the industrial petroleum sector. As a portfolio manager, Gordon managed the environmental liability of an approximately 60 site portfolio of retail gasoline service stations and terminals for a major petroleum corporation. As a senior technical resource, he has provided technical support to remediation teams managing projects in the northeastern US (NY, NJ, MD, DE, MA, CT, and RI) and beyond (CA, NV, GA, MI).

Gordon’s expertise includes cost and strategic management of remediation portfolios, the application of innovative and biologically-based remedial solutions to petroleum hydrocarbon LUST sites, and the development of new delineation and remediation strategies for the cleanup of MTBE and TBA. In this capacity he has developed protocols for implementing bio-stimulation technologies and monitored natural attenuation at spill sites and partnered with government and academic institutes to advance the use of novel bioremediation technologies.