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EHSxTech Past Event Resources

EHSxTech® is collaborative, non-competitive forum where representatives from the tech industry can talk through specific environmental health, and safety needs and issues and discuss regulatory trends.

Learn more about our past workshops and insights below:





  • 2017 Workshop Agenda
    Hosted by Salesforce, our 2017 EHSxTech workshop included meetings on acquisitions and expansions, circular economy principles in the tech industry, makerspace safety information, and more.
  • 2017 Insights Recap
    After our 2017 EHSxTech meeting we gathered the top three trends from tech industry leaders as well as tips and insights on how EHS teams play a role in these changing times.
  • 2017 APAC Regional Regulatory Highlights:
    • Critical H&S Obligations
      An overview of health and safety regulations for selected APAC countries covering regulatory requirements for safety committees, occupational doctors, certified health and safety professionals, and training.
    • Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health
      Overview of regulations for selected APAC countries covering personal exposure limits, bloodborne pathogens and contagious diseases, indoor air quality, potable water and Legionella, and ergonomics.
    • Life Safety, Emergency Response, and Fire Safety
      Overview of regulations for selected APAC countries covering regulatory requirements for emergency response planning, emergency response teams, drills, and AEDs.
  • 2017 Brazilian Regulatory Update Infographic (re: home-based workers)
    Changes to the Brazilian Labor Code (“Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho” or “CLT”) went into effect on November 11, 2017 and have specific health and safety requirements for home workers, contained in Article 75 of the CLT. This infographic walks through the requirements and necessary actions companies must take to stay in compliance.


  • 2016 Information Session: Active Threat and Crisis Management
    Information on our private workshop that offered an opportunity for tech industry EHS&S professionals and their invite guests to explore topics of anti-terror response in-depth, as well as explore tie-ins to broader emergency response planning and crisis management.
  • 2016 Workshop Agenda
    Our 2016 workshop included discussions about the EU's energy efficiency directive, psychosocial stress, crowdsourcing EHS challenges, and more.
  • 2016 Workshop Recap: Risks, Trends, and the Value of EHS
    Drawing from some of the most pressing EHS and sustainability challenges facing the tech industry, this full-day event focused on "EHS Leadership in a Changing World." Read this recap to gain insights from our 2016 workshop.
  • 2016 Workshop Recap: Creative Ways to Convey the Value of EHS to Executives 
    Honing in on a big issue many EHS managers face: conveying the value of your program to executives, we break down our EHSxTech discussions and come to conclusions about the best methods for promoting the value of strong environmental health and safety programs.
  • 2016 Annual EHS Regulatory Insights for Tech Companies
    We provide regulatory resources and contacts for each regulation from 2016 on updates from around the globe, including changes in Brazil, Germany, China, and India.

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