Globe in technology

Supporting Global Expansion


A global specialty chemicals and materials company seeking to expand operations enlisted the support of Antea Group to provide environmental due diligence services and environmental permitting support at proposed facility locations across six countries.

Specifically, the client was seeking a technology-enabled process that would allow them to conduct environmental audits, capture findings, and develop corrective actions around the findings with the intent of reducing environmental liability and streamlining plant permitting processes to enable efficient startup of new manufacturing facilities.


Antea Group deployed local due diligence and compliance experts from Asia and South America to execute site visits, review records and conduct environmental property assessments to develop environmental due diligence reports for each facility. Additionally, Antea Group experts reviewed proposed industrial and chemical processes and local and national regulations regarding site use and permitting. Based upon the findings, Antea Group was able to establish a framework for obtaining the necessary permits and authorizations to begin production at each facility in compliance with local, country-specific regulations.

Throughout the program, audit team members utilized a web-based EHS information management system, enabling them to enter audit findings remotely and allowing for real-time evaluation of the findings by the client.


Antea Group was able to coordinate the projects through a central location to minimize client management efforts. The client was able to expand operations around the globe with new manufacturing facilities for the production of cement additives and concrete admixtures.

The client is currently considering implementing our suggested EHS information management system as a comprehensive solution to its global environmental information management needs through implementation of behavior-based safety and industrial hygiene functionality.