Stationary ICU Air Emissions Source Testing

Stationary ICU Air Emissions Source Testing


Antea Group has been contracted by multiple exploration and production companies to complete performance testing for portfolios of stationary internal combustion engines located at production facilities throughout the Denver-Julesburg Basin. Each individual engine is subject to unique permitting and compliance requirements.  Antea Group is contracted to coordinate testing efforts in order to maintain compliance with both state and federal agencies. This includes a review of all permits (200 plus per client), developing all protocols to be submitted to agencies 30 days prior to testing, coordinating efforts in the field with operating personnel and third party engine mechanics, troubleshooting engine issues in the field, and reporting to the client and required agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Colorado Department of Health and Safety. 


By utilizing field staff from the Loveland and Denver offices and taking the time to understand the client’s personnel field structures, Antea has been able to schedule and coordinate all testing efforts to meet the client’s timeframes and also to account for production and operation schedules. Standard CO and NO analyzers as well as a Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy meter are used to measure required constituents in the field, and to demonstrate compliance with permit limits and New Source Performance Standards, specifically Subpart JJJJ, for all applicable Stationary internal combustion engines. Antea has also been the sole communicator between the CDPHE and EPA on behalf of most clients.


Antea Group has successfully mobilized field teams to conduct all compliance tests within the permit deadlines and has maintained recordkeeping and communication with multiple agencies to ensure full compliance for engine emissions.  The team has dealt with last minute compliance needs, scheduling changes, and on-site engine failures to continue to maintain compliance with all requirements.